“After making the decision to move to the Charlottesville area I purchased a waterfront lot in Barboursville. With the assistance of my excellent realtor, Sharon Wood, I was able to interview three builders. I selected Barry Meade, owner of Meade Construction, due to his good reviews, being in business in the area for over 30 years – and I felt a personal connection to him.

Several trips were made to Charlottesville to select a house plan, materials, colors, etc. and make other decisions necessary to build a house. Then Barry was on his own as I was living in Yuma, Arizona – 2400 miles away. When I saw my lot in October 2015, it was nothing but a wooded lot. When I returned in April 2016, there was a lovely house built on it.

Barry met with many logistical and coordination challenges…as well as extended inclement weather..but he delivered the product I ordered. His office maintained excellent communication with me through phone calls and emails if there were any question or concerns.

My daughter and son in law went to the building site weekly and faced time me so I could see the progress and note any concerns, which were few.

I am extremely happy that I selected Barry Meade to build my home. It is a quality built home with attention to detail. I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering building in the Charlottesville area…even if they currently live 2400 miles away! ”

Louise Jacobsen

” We were shopping with our realtor of 25 years, a few years ago. This is a realtor who will refuse to show a house based on the builder, or his knowledge of a development. At one time we thought we found a great place and he refused to take us a for a viewing.”Sorry, if you need to find another realtor I understand…” was Bob’s response.

While on a drive to visit our kids outside of the city my wife saw a new development and turned in for look. She liked what she saw. We shared this with our realtor , who knew he was looking at a lost commission and asked about Meade Construction. Without hesitation he responded, “He does excellent work, you will be happy.” And like that, he lost his commission, although we did give a very nice Bourbon!

But really, the thing I like best was working with a contractor who was at the house daily, wanted to build a good house, fair and right and make my wife happy. The only way I can really describe the experience is to share this story.
I had been cleaning out the basement of our old house and found some boxes of good commercial tile. Later that day while walking with Barry through the new house being built we got to the laundry room, which was detailed for linoleum, and I had a thought, “Barry, I have some tile I would rather have in the laundry room. If I supply them could you put them in and call it even?”

“Sure.” he replied with a handshake and it was done No change order. No extra charge. No BS. So nice…No BS.”

Dan Pribus

“I wanted to take the time to personally thank you and your team for the recent remodeling work on my home. What could have been a tedious, frustrating and disruptive process actually turned out to be virtually effortless on our part. The workmanship was truly awesome and the results are most appreciated.

I must admit my complete surprise with the path you took to resolve the long-standing heating and cooling problems with my property. Left alone I would have chosen a much more expensive path which I now believe would have produced disappointing results. Despite my reluctance and overwhelming doubt, you talked me off the ledge and into the process of sealing the house and utilizing spray foam on my garage ceiling and other areas. Wow, I’m really happy I placed my trust in you. We have adjusted our programmable thermostats with much higher daytime settings and moved them up a full 3-degrees at night. It’s really amazing at the change in the overall comfort and temperature consistency of the entire 3-floors of our home. It’s really nice to do business with knowledgeable professionals who you can truly trust.”

Carl and Nita Palermo

“When we decided to build at Spring Creek we met with four builders including large national and small custom builders before we decided on Meade Construction. With Barry we were able to build the house we wanted; we weren’t limited to a few models that offered no possibility of customization. Even as our house was being built, as we saw our home take shape, we were able to continue to make adjustments. Barry was very accommodating and genuinely wanted us to be 100% satisfied with our new home.

We had never built a home before and had heard horror stories of people who had contentious relationships with their builders and incurred significant unplanned additional charges during construction. Barry and his assistant Crystal patiently led us through the process and required decisions with no surprises along the way. Barry’s employees and subcontractors were all as professional, polite and accommodating as Barry and truly reflected his values.”

Hugh & Beth McIvor

“As we approach six months in our new home Pat and I would like to take a moment and thank you, Crystal, your crew and the sub-contractors who worked on our home. When we were ready to downsize, we drew a sketch on our kitchen table of our dream cottage sized home. When we bought our plan to you; you and Crystal smoothed it out, made practical suggestions for our senior years, and stuck with us through the whole process.

We are delighted with our home. Our experience working with you was top-notch and the quality you ensured in the craftsmanship and details are very much appreciated! It is a home we are proud of.

Thank you and well done!”

Dennis and Pat Hayton

"I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results of the “greening” work you performed for me last fall. Based on the usage of cubic feet of gas from the billing dates of November 3, 2008-March 31, 2009, my usage for this time-frame decreased 23,100 cubic feet, a reduction of 30.6%.

I did not expect such results, but am extremely pleased. The spraying of Icynene on the garage ceiling not only resulted in improved comfort in the bonus room above, but also in increased sound reduction from outside. Additionally, spraying the knee joint areas with foam insulation substantially decreased the outside noise, compared to the previous fiberglass insulation. You made a believer out of me!"

A Very Satisfied Customer,

Donald Riechman

"Barry went through our house, room by room. He listened to all our concerns, then began making suggestions. There is no question that we would recommend Barry to our friends and neighbors. He has made great improvements to our home and we received more than we could have hoped for. Our AC is running much less, and the temperatures have stabilized. It’s like a different house."

Anne and Peter Eisenhardt

"My husband and I decided it was time to become homeowners for the first time. So we bought a wonderful piece of property in Lake Monticello. Now we figured the hard part was going to begin. Having heard many of the horror stories from friends in the area, and other family members who built their own homes, we were both excited and nervous.

From the moment we met Barry Meade, we could not have felt more confident and relaxed that our dream home would be just that, our dream home. He could not have made the entire experience any or more enjoyable for us. His level of craftsmanship, along with his desire to produce a high quality home for a fair price is far superior to any other builder we had met with in the area.

Barry treats each home he builds as his own. He is hands on everyday making certain the workmanship is up to his incredibly high standards. Even when we made alterations on the fly, Barry could not have been more accommodating. When we were unsure if we should put in a circular drive, and asked his opinion, he explained the pros and cons guiding us to make the decision we felt most confident with.

We highly recommend Barry Meade for anyone building a home. He is an honest builder, a professional, and a gentleman."

Catherine & Jim Brandely